About us

Our wine production started five generations ago on the rolling hills of the Buje area in the vicinity of the border with Slovenia. Passed down from the father to a son, the grandfather to a grandson, it preserves the memory of our predecessors, masters of culture and passion. Surrounded by woods of oak, chestnut, hornbeam and downy oak, with green summer and multicolour autumn crowns, immersed in wild Istria far from the city hustle and bustle, it offers high-quality products which excellence continues to increase thanks to technology and wisdom.


Family Korado Jakac

We are trying to preserve the tradition on 21 hectares of red soil occupied by meadows, olive groves, forests and on six hectares of vineyards by adopting innovation and changes which research and techniques enrich and improve the already known art of wine making thus opening new paths into the future.

This perfect blend of the past and the present, skill and science gives birth to our wines, balanced and elegant high-quality products. Our philosophy requires a permanent development of the raw material, which in cooperation between a man and the nature, protected in the dark and the quiet of the barrel, becomes wine.

We grow native and alien vines with extreme care and produce wines with strong personalities, potent yet refined aromas. These elegantly balanced wines are emotion in a glass. Our range of red, white and rose wines, with an emphasis on local, offers wide, mutually very different sensations, equally pleasant on the palate. Tannic wines with a rich body such as refosco and teran are made from indigenous black grapes dominating the Istrian vineyard landscape together with another splendid local product: malvasia, a dry white wine of full and fascinating flavour.

These wines contain the flavours of our unique soil characterized by permanent exchanges of peoples, bearers of huge wealth as well as deep-seated misfortunes, indisputable writers of its, still partly undiscovered history.